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live; we will save you from the enemy/ said the
warrior. The dog told him where the enemy
was camped, and said that they were hidden away
in a near-by thicket of trees. The warrior took
the dog and the puppies and the whole camp and
hid them away in an adjoining thicket and then
set out on his pony to race back to the main camp
and notify them of the presence of the enemy.
They returned just as the enemy was launching
an attack on those left behind, and swooping
down upon them, the warrior and his tribe wiped
them completely out. Since then, said our
mothers, the Indians have been kind to their

We had a legend for everything that was good,
and the more we youngsters lived up to the
legends which our mothers told us the more
highly respected we were in the tribe. We tried
hard to remember each legend and to live out the
little moral that it taught us.

Our mothers spent a good part of the winter
making all of the family clothing, while our
fathers were out hunting and bringing in the
skins. Every evening we youngsters would
scramble around our own father as he came in, to
see what he had bagged that day—and we hoped
that he had been able to catch a lynx kitten or a
baby coyote for us to play with for awhile and
then turn loose* Among the skins he would